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CBD Veteran’s Discount

We thank you for your service and contribution to our nation.

A CBD Veteran’s Discount is something we are proud to provide to show our gratitude to all the servicemen and women.

Please provide proof of service and we are thrilled to share our CBD Military discount today.

The High Falls Hemp NY Veteran’s Discount

With the utmost respect for each and every one of our nations’ servicemen and women, we here at High Falls Hemp NY are happy to offer a CBD veteran’s discount.

Without the hard work, sacrifice, and selflessness of these heroes, we would not be as safe as we are today.  The freedoms we enjoy today a result of the security blanket they have provided to us and we are forever in your debt.

Military veterans are increasingly turning to the non-psychoactive CBD for its range of benefits.

High Falls Hemp NY cultivates and produces its own pure CBD products and is trusted by thousands.

We would like to issue a huge thanks to our countless loyal customers, and we are also happy to give back to those who sacrifice more than most by offering this veteran’s discount on our products.

CBD Discount Program

The High Falls Hemp NY veteran’s discount offers 30% off our entire range of CBD products. Whatever your favorite product is, this CBD promotion code is our token of appreciation for all you have done and continue to do for us on a daily basis.

Please share your proof of service (see below) and receive a 30% discount on our products.  We source all of our hemp right here in the United States, on our farm in upstate New York.

Not sure which of our CBD products is right for you?  You can always begin with our starter pack which gives you the opportunity to try 3 of our most beloved  products to see which one you like best or simply look through our entire online store.



We understand the rigorous schedules and constant demands that come along with an active personnel lifestyle. With our range of CBD products for all lifestyles and constant new products being added, military personnel can find an option and a product that works best for them.

What’s the discount? All of our High Falls Hemp NY products are 30% off for all active military personnel and veterans (with verification).

Visit the link below on how to get started with your registration. You are welcome to use your CBD oil military discount code once per day and will be issued a new code for every purchase.

This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.


High Falls Hemp NY uses secure verification through VerifyPass to issue you your CBD military discount.  Sign up with your name and email (see below), and you’ll be directed to the third-party verification service. There, you’ll need to enter all required information and provide proof of service in order to receive the CBD promotion code, which may be used once daily (a new code is required for each purchase).

Not sure if CBD is the right option for you? Our products help many people daily on a day-to-day basis, and we’re constantly taking steps and looking for ways to increase our range of products to fit various individual’s needs. All of our products are incredibly easy and convenient to use with suggested amounts based on your weight and tolerance. Check out our entire selection here:


We are thrilled to provide discounted CBD products for veterans, and just request that you provide proof and documentation of your service. This is done through VerifyPass (VP) – the nation’s leading third-party verification resource.

All you need to do is share with us with your name and email address, and then locate our offer on the VerifyPass service. You will need to provide some additional information on the VerifyPass website, but that should not take more than a few minutes. Once that is completed, you will be issued your High Falls Hemp NY CBD veteran’s discount code.  At that point, you can simply return to our site and use that on any purchases you make with us forever.


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