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4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; dogs rock. They’re one of the few objectively good-natured, and kindest creatures on our Earth, with a capacity for natural wisdom that extends far beyond animal intelligence. If you have a dog,…

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Terpenes and CBD – What’s the Big Deal?

Terpenes. What a magnificent way to naturally engage the body’s built-in healing system. The word Terpene may be unfamiliar to you, but it’s likely you experience them every day and just don’t realize it. They are virtually everywhere. In your…

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Where can I fit CBD in my daily routine?

CBD has firmly entrenched itself within the modern wellness and holistic community. Many tout it as a natural remedy to stress, and anxiety, and a natural way to just relax. While CBD affords us a host of natural solutions, there…

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CBD and Hemp: Uncovering the Truth

How lack of knowledge and the rise in popularity inflates the risk of dangerous counterfeit products New and old science has brought the benefits of cannabidiol, known as CBD, to the forefront of medical and consumer interest. What was once…

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Retail Business Propels into CBD Revolution

Whether you’re at a coffee shop, juice bar, pharmacy, grocery store, health practitioner's office, acupuncture or holistic facility, the counter-card promoting “CBD Oil is Here!” is everywhere. Mainstream retailers are leaping into the CBD revolution and adding products from the…

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How is High Falls Hemp regulated by the FDA?

Cannabis and hemp plants, and the products made from them have been increasingly intriguing to the public eye. More and more consumers are looking into cannabis and hemp-derived products as an alternative solution to many common problems, such as anxiety…

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Can CBD Help my Dog with Joint Pain?

Exploring the Potential Benefits of CBD on Osteoarthritis and Other Joint Diseases in Dogs Degenerative joint disease in dogs remains a prevalent cause of discomfort. While several forms of pain management and treatment have been common for decades, CBD oil…

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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are becoming more and more sought-after these days as the popularity of hemp rises. Across the United States, hemp farmers are working hard to keep up with the demands of all of the newfound CBD enthusiasts. People from…

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