Getting enough sleep is the cornerstone of overall health and wellness. Yet, too many of us find ourselves staring at our bedroom ceilings as the hours tick by. A single night of poor sleep can ruin your day, and ongoing insomnia is linked to serious health problems. People who are interested in getting better sleep naturally are asking “Can CBD oil help with sleep?”

CBD is known for helping people sleep, but more research is needed

Research shows that CBD may be helpful in promoting sleep in a number of varying ways. Right now, most of the studies showing CBD’s beneficial effects are small-scale or laboratory tests, but anecdotal evidence and user testimonials are hard to ignore.

CBD may encourage sleep by soothing sleep-robbing secondary conditions

Promising research shows that CBD may be useful in soothing conditions that rob us from sleep as a side effect – like anxiety and chronic pain. After all, who gets a good night’s sleep when they’re worried or in pain? When those conditions are alleviated, better sleep is simply an added bonus.

CBD may help correct REM disorders

In this study, CBD was shown to help people with Parkinson’s get better sleep by reducing REM behavior disorder. REM behavior disorder is a condition in which people react physically during REM sleep. They may move their legs during a dream about running, for example. This condition not only leads to poor sleep, but it can be dangerous to the sleeper and anyone they share a bed with!

CBD also shows promise in helping people with PTSD get better sleep by helping to reduce sleep disturbances.

CBD may help you sleep longer, at the right time

CBD has been shown to increase the overall amount of sleep in this study on rats. Also, CBD was shown to reduce daytime sleepiness, which helps promote sleep at night – when you actually want it!

Has CBD helped you sleep better?

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