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What is CBD Isolate?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a product that has been increasingly present in the public eye. More and more people are using it, trying it out as an alternative treatment to medical conditions. While the veracity of these treatments…

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Terpenes and Your Sex Life

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that are found in cannabis and hemp plants and each produces a host of effects.  While some terpenes can make you sleepy, others can energize you.  What is most interesting is that some terpenes can…

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Terpenes and CBD – What’s the Big Deal?

Terpenes. What a magnificent way to naturally engage the body’s built-in healing system. The word Terpene may be unfamiliar to you, but it’s likely you experience them every day and just don’t realize it. They are virtually everywhere. In your…

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Can CBD Help my Dog with Joint Pain?

Exploring the Potential Benefits of CBD on Osteoarthritis and Other Joint Diseases in Dogs Degenerative joint disease in dogs remains a prevalent cause of discomfort. While several forms of pain management and treatment have been common for decades, CBD oil…

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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are becoming more and more sought-after these days as the popularity of hemp rises. Across the United States, hemp farmers are working hard to keep up with the demands of all of the newfound CBD enthusiasts. People from…

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Will CBD Help Treat My Dog’s Stress?

What you need to understand before buying supplements for your pooch Stress is something much of the human population experiences - and the same goes for man’s best friend. Dogs experience stress for a variety of reasons and it manifests…

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CBD Products for Skin Care and Common Ailments

Humans have been attempting to combat the effects of our everyday lives on our skin and bodies; wrinkles, age spots, drying and tightening areas, inflammation and changes that occur seemingly overnight. Of course we know they don’t happen overnight; they…

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What are Terpenes?

Cannabis is a complex plant with over 400 chemical entities of which more than 60 of them are cannabinoid compounds. Read on to discover research and explanations on some of the most commonly used terpenes found in CBD. Terpenes are…

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