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The CBD Tincture Made for your Pet

Wellness trends for pets’ surge in-step with wellness trends for humans, including CBD. Who can blame a pet owner for wanting their dog or cat to benefit from the same natural support that CBD may offer to them? There is…

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Can Sex Get Better After Age 50?

[Hint: It Can!] We may be dating ourselves here, but does anyone remember the character Barbara Streisand played in the movie, Meet the Fockers?  She was a sex therapist to seniors and very open and vocal about a healthy sex…

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What are the Advantages of CBD Tinctures?

Everyone you know is talking about how much they love CBD tinctures. But perhaps you are not familiar and have no clue what they are talking about and are too embarrassed to tell them.  Do you just keep nodding your…

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Is Full Spectrum CBD Better?

The products available with CBD today are everywhere you look!  They are even at the grocery store now!  If you have already asked your physician if CBD is okay for you, then you are on your way to experimenting with…

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Can I put CBD in my Coffee?

It’s time to consider coffee, tea, and CBD.  If you are like me, you have been witnessing the CBD movement as it infiltrates the beauty and wellness industry with an abundance of products infused with CBD or hemp.  You may…

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How Sensory Meditations Help To Calm Your Mind

For many years I had recurring issues with stress. Being worried and overwhelmed regularly kept me feeling distracted, unproductive, and less emotionally connected to the people I loved. Thankfully, there was one technique that truly helped me with my anxiety.
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