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How Do I Create a Co-Branded CBD Product Line?

Whether it’s an established consumer packaged goods company, a hotel chain or retail chain, a beverage or food company, more and more CEOs, investors, and owners of companies are looking to established CBD manufacturers to create private label and co-branded…

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Industrial Hemp in NY: Important Update for 2021

In mid-August, 2020, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (Agriculture & Markets) sent a letter to all licensed hemp growers in the state, informing them that the hemp growing program they are administering will come to an…

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High Falls Hemp NY – CBD Made in America

The consumer demand for CBD products is rapidly growing as more brands and people become familiar with the countless alternative wellness benefits, applications, and uses of CBD. The companies and products emerging are creating a cluttered market with an overwhelming…

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Private Label Your Own CBD Brand

Following huge demand, High Falls Hemp NY created our custom, white label program.  This affords brands across every company in consumer packaged goods, lifestyle interest-based, beauty, food, beverage, hotels, retailers, and more to work in collaboration with High Falls Hemp…

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Selling CBD at Pharmacies – What You Need to Know

Pharmacists and pharmacy owners know that having a robust selection of over-the-counter products is an essential part of their business and profitability.  Having the support of the right wholesalers is important because they assist with all of the energy and…

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Retail Business Propels into CBD Revolution

Whether you’re at a coffee shop, juice bar, pharmacy, grocery store, health practitioner's office, acupuncture or holistic facility, the counter-card promoting “CBD Oil is Here!” is everywhere. Mainstream retailers are leaping into the CBD revolution and adding products from the…

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CBD Wholesale

Is CBD Wholesale Right for Your Business?

The beauty of buying wholesale is that anyone can take advantage of the booming CBD oil market. People of all walks of life can find success offering high-quality products to their customers, clients, friends and family. Is CBD wholesale right for…

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