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The holidays remind us that this is the season for spending quality time with family and friends.  This year has been tough, but it has brought us together and allowed us to recognize the importance of friends, family, health and wellness.  At High Falls Hemp NY, we are focused on friends, family and the importance of health and wellness – feeding your mind, body, and soul.

Instead of adding stress to finding the right gift, we’ve got the perfect solution !  CBD can be the favorite  gift for almost every person over the age of 18 on your holiday gift list.

The trend over the past couple of years is the CBD wellness revolution.  Adults of all ages  are focused on  the holistic benefits of incorporating CBD into their lifestyle.  Whether it be tinctures, lotions, gummies or softgels, CBD is everywhere.  Rest assured, if you are struggling with the right gift for the hard to satisfy person on your list – we’ve got you covered.

We have curated the best product choices and gift sets for each special person in your life – mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, teacher, co-worker, boss, client, friend…you get the idea… everyone!   Whether they are a workout fanatic, a beauty- savvy person, or high intensity personality – we’ve got the perfect selection.  And, don’t forget about our furry family members or those of our friends – we have it!

This holiday season the number of companies promoting their products online will be overwhelming.  Every company out there wants to sell you something and marketing kicks into high gear to solicit your business.

We recommend CBD buyers’ guiding principle be “caveat emptor”, which is Latin for “let the buyer beware.” The most important thing to consider is that while the advertisements and offers might look good, it does not ensure that you are getting or giving a good product.  As we always caution, make sure that the company and products you are considering come from a reputable company.  Additionally, High Falls Hemp NY products are made in America.

This gift guide will inspire you with the best gifts to give. You could even share it as a hint to your partner of what you might want… don’t you deserve the best CBD, too?!  We are sure there is something here for everyone on your list.

Best CBD Set for a CBD Connoisseur - The High Falls Hemp Dynamic Duo

For the friend or family member that knows all there is to know about CBD – we’ve got the power pack.  This is for the person that always has or knows about the best CBD products out there – so impressing them is essential.  No need to be concerned – we’ve got this.  High Falls Hemp NY offers the purest, highest quality CBD products that are grown on our farms, extracted by us and curated by us into the products you receive, triple-lab tested and reinforce that not all CBD is created equal.  We are confident that these products deliver.

The combo pack includes our 750mg, 30mL Full-Spectrum Tincture and our 1000mg, 30mL Relax/Restore Terpene blend.  The best part is the holiday discount you get when purchasing this bundle that retails for $168.00.   Use these two in combination for a dynamic effect on wellness.

The Skin-Care Savior

For the skin care or must-have beauty products enthusiast on your list, nothing comes close to competing with our skin care bundle.  It’s not too pricey and it’s absolutely worth the splurge!  This is for either men or women in your life that take their skin care regimen very seriously.

The bundle includes our moisturizing and hydrating CBD-infused lip balm, a sultry and skin-enriching CBD infused lotion, and our full-spectrum tincture.  Perfect for pampering your body, the bundle is effective.  If it’s too much for you all at once, you can also purchase each item separately.  The lip balm is effective in moisturizing dry and chapped lips, while the lotion is great for aching and dry skin.  The full-spectrum tincture is great for keeping your cuticles from dry and cracking in the cold winter months and for dry scalps.

This trio includes our 60mg lip balm, 1000mg lotion, and 375mg full-spectrum tincture.  This bundle retails for $120 but with our holiday sale you get it for a special discounted price!

Long Day Duo

After a long day, your body needs some TLC.  This combo has a lotion that provides relief and moisture to your body with a luxurious texture of rich cream that soothes discomfort and relieves stress without it feeling suffocating or heavy.  The lip balm is a moisturizing product that helps rejuvenate and nourish delicate lips.

This overnight set will provide a journey for your body from dull to dreamy.  A perfect gift for those that give it their all every day and need to be wrapped in a blanket of love by great beauty products that restore, refresh and rejuvenate their skin.

This combo includes our 60mg lip balm, and 1000mg lotion, This bundle retails for $95 but with our holiday sale you get it for a special discounted holiday price!

Evening Night Cap

Think of this stellar bundle as your skin and body’s evening nightcap.

Wipe away the day and gear up for a sound night’s sleep with one of our signature gummies to provide calm, moisturizing lotion to ease muscles and soothe the body and lip balm that goes the extra mile to moisturize and give lips the love they need to remain luscious.

This set will sweep away the day and set you up for an evening of calm that feeds your mind, body, and soul.

This trio includes our 60mg lip balm, and 1000mg lotion, and 4-pack of Relax/Restore gummies.  This bundle retails for $107  but with our holiday sale you get it for a special discounted price!

Day Tripper Set

The perfect trio that easily fits in a pocket or handbag to readily travel with you wherever you are headed.

Haven’t you heard that edibles are the new fruit basket for the holidays?  This delectable, artisan-crafted small-batch set of gummies are perfectly infused with CBD and are 25mg each with no artificial colors.  They come in citrus orange and pomegranate and offer a nice, calming buzz and satisfy every sweet tooth we know.  They are paired with our lip balm that soothes the lips and moisturizes and hydrates to avoid dry, chapped lips.  Our mini-tincture is the perfect complement to elevate your soul.

4-pack of Focus/Empower gummies, 60mg Lip Balm, 375mg 15ml full spectrum tincture.  This bundle retails for $47 but with our holiday sale you get it for a special discounted price!

Mind, Body & Soul On The Go Sets

High Falls Hemp NY realizes that whether you are staying at home this holiday season, traveling by car or plane or simply looking for great stocking stuffers, our collection of deluxe mini products to feed your mind, body, and soul.

Buy them individually or pair them into bundles to experience great savings!  We are confident that once you fall in love with them like our customers have, you’ll be upgrading to the full-sized versions!

Our on the go products include our:

  • Flagship Full-Spectrum Tinctures available as a 15mL in 375mg, 750mg and 1500mg
  • Terpene Blend available in 15mL that can be taken alone or in combination with one of our Full- Spectrum Tinctures 4-pack of gummies
  • Lotion
  • Lip Balm

The fun part is building your own pairings to experience the savings for you or your friends and family or grabbing them all!

Stocking Stuffers

As the saying goes, the stockings have been placed on the chimney with care and what’s in them matters.  Here are some great gifts that can be a great stocking stuffer or even gifted individually.

High Falls Hemp NY Gift Guide: Tinctures

CBD Tinctures are the most popular of our High Falls Hemp NY products.  The bottles are portable and can be tucked into jackets and handbags and taken anywhere you go.  Whether you choose to use them under the tongue, sprinkle them in your coffee or tea to relieve the stress of the day or on your meals, they are a holistic, natural solution that may help you get through the day more efficiently remaining relaxed and rejuvenated.

Even if you are a college student, over the age of 18 struggling to fall asleep at night with the workload you have on your plate or fears you may have about new social relationships, CBD may be something that is a helpful alternative.

CBD tinctures are versatile and can be used in a host of ways (link to 1 product/many ways) and are a great gift for everyone on your list.  High Falls Hemp NY has them in a variety of strengths to accommodate every lifestyle or need.What’s great is that, unlike many other CBD brands or products, these are flavorless so no need to worry about the grimace upon taking it or spoiling the taste of a meal or drink you are enjoying.  Just a little added benefit to make it even better!

There is surely nothing more soothing that our smooth blend of CBD hemp extract to get you through this holiday season with friends and family.

Our CBD tinctures provide the perfect tranquility and come in a variety of concentrations  from mild to strong to satisfy every level of need.  We assure you that you will enjoy the holiday season with bliss that will carry you through all year long.  And, don’t be shy – try sprinkling some drops into frosting on holiday treats… and pet treats, too (as long as you are confident that no one under the age of 18 will be involved and have let your guests know).

For additional benefit, layer in our new product, the Terpene Blend Relax/Restore, to take your experience up a notch as a perfect combination with any of our tinctures.

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High Falls Hemp NY Gift Guide: Topicals

The CBD revolution has been in a state of constant expansion and made a surge into the field of beauty.  We credit this with the fact that our skin has an endocannabinoid system with receptors that engage, react, and interact.

We truly broke the mold with our CBD lotion.  Unlike any other product on the market, it has proven results in supporting relief from discomfort, aching, and tired muscles.  Perfect for every part of your body, it may provide the relief you desire as a natural solution.

As our mom’s taught us, “a little goes a long way”.  This product gets rave reviews for its luxurious feel and texture and its ability to soak into your skin effortlessly and do its job soothing your body.  Whether you are uncomfortable from driving a long distance for the holidays, overdoing it at the gym to work off the pounds from holiday overeating or sore from trekking all over to purchase presents, this product may be your answer.

This product is a true must have for everyone on your list!

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High Falls Hemp NY Gift Guide: Lip

Share the gift of our CBD lip balm to provide targeted support to our dry, chapped lips that often accompany the change in weather.  Our lip balm contains our unique blend of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and a touch of spearmint essential oil.  This trifecta of oils in combination with CBD is the quintessential solution that effectively moisturizes and rejuvenates lips to return them to their plump perfection.

Shop CBD Lip Balm >

High Falls Hemp NY Gift Guide: Edibles

For a therapeutic CBD product that is familiar and sweet, our new CBD and terpene infused gummies are divine!  A great gift (or yourself) for lovers of the classic old-school candy lover, our gummies are quickly becoming a staple with many of our long time customers.

Unlike their distant customs, the sugar-packed gummy you purchase at the candy store, these contain a healthy amount of CBD to soothe and relax your mind and body.

These are a perfect treat that is familiar to us all without being basic.  This is the ideal gift for those on our list that are reluctant to try CBD but really want to.

Our gummies are a crowd-pleaser and come in two flavors/terpene blends.  You may want to try them with our 4-pack but we’re confident those won’t last long, and you’ll be back very soon for the 30-pack!

Shop CBD Edibles >

High Falls Hemp NY Gift Guide: Softgels

High Falls Hemp NY softgels are best suited for the CBD users that consider themselves “regulars” and like to keep things simple.  Each of our softgel capsules contains a powerful and therapeutic amount of CBD for relief without any flavor.  They are vegan and cruelty-free and a great gift, like all of our products, for those that prefer consumption void of animal products.

Our softgels are available in a variety of strengths.  They may also be a great option for a person on your list that may be interested in CBD but is not sure where to begin.  For our loyal subscribers, they say that taking a daily dose of this as part of their wellness regimen may be great. And, for our friends looking to use one product in a few different ways, poking the softgel with a pin and applying the CBD distillate blend to any dry skin may get a little more “bang for their buck”.

A great product as a stand-alone or in combination with any of our other CBD products to help create a natural, alternative wellness plan!

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High Falls Hemp NY Gift Guide: Pet

Who can resist spoiling their furry friends – feline and canine companions during the holidays?  High Falls Hemp NY Pet Tincture is sure to have your furry baby relaxed during the holiday season.  Whether it’s the comings and goings of family members, constant door-bell ringing or just the mayhem during the holiday season, our furry friends, like us, may feel overwhelmed.  Rest assured, your beloved pet is getting the highest quality CBD.

Pass along the natural benefits of CBD to the cats and dogs in your life and those of your friends and family.  This product can support your pet’s temperament, reduce discomfort, and calm stress.

This product is $35.00 for a 30mL bottle containing 300mg of CBD in each bottle.  Each drop is worth every penny this holiday season.  And, during the holiday season, you can get it for 40% off!

Shop CBD Pet >

High Falls Hemp NY Gift Guide: Starter Collection Gift Box

Whether it’s for you or someone special, before taking the plunge on the full-size versions, test out three products in one affordable box; the full spectrum tincture may be used to help reduce stress and relieve discomfort, the CBD body lotion perfect for relieving sore muscles, and the full spectrum softgels which are a convenient fix to take with you on the go.

This sample set is $50.00 for the 25mg 0.5oz CBD full spectrum tincture, 0.5 oz CBD body lotion, and 4 CBD full spectrum softgels.  During the holiday season, you can get it for 40% off!

Shop CBD Starter Set >

CBD Holiday Shopping with High Falls Hemp NY

There’s no need to stress about the holidays and what to purchase.  We are here to help.  Remember, all of our products come with a 30-day risk free trial – if you aren’t satisfied – simply reach out at .  If those gifted don’t simply love it, return it!

If you have any questions, reach out – we are here to help.  Our staff is knowledgeable about every product we offer, and we are more than happy to help you find the right gift if you aren’t sure.

The only additional direction and advice we can provide is to Get Shopping!

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