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This is a topic which I have come to accept but bothers me to no end…it’s actually a pet peeve of mine, that the word cannabis is now synonymous with pot/marijuana.

Many years ago, cannabis referred to (and still refers to) both hemp, with a delta-9 THC weight of 0.3% or less, and Marijuana, with a THC value above 0.3%. Both hemp and marijuana are the plant cannabis sativa L, so that is why cannabis refers to both forms.

During the recent relaxation of Marijuana prohibition, Pro-Marijuana advocates started using the term cannabis to refer to pot/marijuana, as the term cannabis did not have the same negative connotations as did marijuana or pot. It is almost as if they were getting people to support cannabis, thinking that this svengali slight of hand, made marijuana and pot something different.

Over the past few years, marijuana businesses kept referring to their product as cannabis, when in reality cannabis is a generic term which refers to both hemp and marijuana.

So YES – the use of the nomenclature has become confusing and the reality is that the pot/marijuana businesses are hiding behind the generic term, cannabis. In fact, it has become so ingrained that cannabis is now synonymous with pot/marijuana, when in fact that is technically incorrect. This should confuse most people who do not know better and the calls into question the origins of the word cannabis. Cannabis is now widely misused to refer to pot/marijuana and many incorrectly accept this definition.

As a hemp grower and entrepreneur, I have come to accept the misuse of the word cannabis, as a ploy to legitimatize the marijuana trade.

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