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When Hotel Luxury meets the CBD Wellness Revolution

Without a doubt, exquisite and luxurious retreat experiences are beauties to behold feeding the soul.  Speaking of feeding the soul, High Falls Hemp NY is the leader in providing CBD as a holistic health and wellness alternative.

Graham + CO, a unique retreat in the Catskill region of New York State found the quintessential partner in fellow upstate New York CBD brand, High Falls Hemp NY.

Organic to the DNA of both – powerhouse luxury brands on a mission to feed your mind, body, and soul – call it a symbiotic relationship.

These two brands share a common philosophy which is to create an exquisite customer experience – knowing what a person needs.  A weekend escape that can be complemented with CBD.

Introducing the Graham + CO CBD line curated by High Falls Hemp NY.


Full Spectrum 375mg


Full Spectrum 750mg

The Graham + CO twenty-room hotel is located in the town of Phoenicia, a small city nestled in the Catskill region of upstate New York.

This serene property is the best kept secret providing a weekend getaway in modern class. Three sprawling acres of outdoor activities including; swimming, lounging, racquet sports, outdoor evenings fireside, and a host of other lifestyle activities.

This soulful destination is an escape that affords its patrons an escape to nurture their mind, body, and soul.  On a quest to further enhance their guests experience, Graham + Co partnered with High Falls Hemp NY, a neighbor in the area revered as a cultivator of supremely effective CBD tinctures that can truly work wonders.

In collaboration, a unique blend was crafted by High Falls Hemp NY exclusively for Graham + Co..

This multi-functional Full Spectrum CBD tincture can be taken sub-lingually, massaged into dry, tired skin and may nourish and hydrate.  The applications are nearly limitless.

Visit and indulge.

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