High Falls Extracts is proud to celebrate Sleep Awareness Week with The National Sleep Foundation, March 10-16, 2019. This year’s Sleep Awareness Week theme “Begin with Sleep” highlights the importance of good sleep health for people to best achieve their personal, family, and professional goals.
What does a CBD company have to do with Sleep Awareness Week?

A lot, actually. At High Falls Extracts, we’re in the business of wellness. And nothing affects your personal wellness like whether or not you’re getting good sleep.

Many insomnia sufferers turn to CBD for help alleviating their symptoms. Research is showing again and again that CBD may be able to help people go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and enjoy better-quality sleep.

Want to see the research? You can access several research articles about the power of CBD for sleep disorders here.

Why is there a Sleep Awareness Week?

All too often, sleep is the first thing we sacrifice to a busy schedule. We think we can make up the difference by drinking a little more coffee or making up those lost hours on the weekends (if we’re lucky). The thing is, we should all be sleeping as if our lives depend on it, because it does.

Sleep is our bodies’ chance to recover, heal, and power up for the next day. Without it, we’re left open to a host of chronic diseases, as well as poor performance at school or work, dangerous accidents, aging skin, poor tolerance for stress, slower healing … and the list goes on and on.

Sleep Awareness Week is all about making people aware of the importance of getting good sleep every night, as well as how to sleep better and overcome bad sleep habits that may have built up over a lifetime.

It’s never too late to become a great sleeper and reap the benefits!

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