You keep a bottle of CBD oil on your kitchen counter, at your desk, in your gym bag and you always take it with you when you travel. Ever wondered if it matters how you store it? It does! Here’s how to store your CBD oil to keep it fresh.

Store your CBD oil like you would fine olive oil

The best way to store your CBD oil – like any oil – is out of heat and away from light.

Just like how the best olive oils come in dark bottles to retain their freshness, our CBD oil is packed into dark brown bottles to keep the light out. But that darkened glass can only do so much. Never store your CBD oil in direct light, like on a windowsill or near a lamp. As pretty as it looks sparkling in the sunlight, the quality of the oil can degrade if overexposed to light.

Also, keep your bottles cool. You can store it in the fridge, but that’s not really necessary. Room temperature is fine. Just make sure not to keep it in a hot car or near your stove or oven.

For long-term storage, a cool, dark drawer or pantry is best.

And always keep your bottles tightly closed. Not only will it keep the product more fresh, it will also protect you from messy spills!

Oops – I left my CBD oil in my car, in the sun, in July
Don’t worry – a little bit of light or heat exposure shouldn’t affect the quality of your CBD oil. It is surprisingly shelf stable. If you’re concerned, just test for an “off” flavor or scent. That can indicate that the oil’s quality has degraded. In that case, the potency of the CBD and other endocannabinoids may have been compromised.
What is the BBD on the bottle?
BBD stands for “best by date.” You’ll see a BBD on every bottle of High Falls Extracts CBD oil. That lets you know that your bottle is fresh. We guarantee the full stated potency of the CBD on the label until that date. After that date, the potency of your CBD oil may degrade. It won’t become dangerous, but you may not see the full benefit of the CBD oil after the best by date has passed.