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CBD Isolate Tinctures

Our unique proprietary blend of full spectrum hemp extract void of any THC.

This high quality and flavor-free product explains why it’s beloved my millions of people nationwide. Perfection in a bottle providing a natural solution to the pressures of every day.


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All Natural Discomfort Relief

Used for relaxation, relief from aches, stress, digestion, inflammation, muscle spasms, headache, PMS and more.


Fast-working isolate has the quickest bodily uptake of any delivery method.  Made with isolated CBD, this product contains no THC.


Vegan, Gluten-Free, No GMOs and Cruelty-Free.  Easy to use with a graduated dropper to ensure accurate suggested serving size.


Made with the finest quality CBD, extracted from hemp organically grown and manufactured on our farm in High Falls, New York.  Isolate is THC-free without preservatives or additives, just hemp-derived that’s lab tested for quality and purity.

Not sure about trying it?

Not to worry! At High Falls Hemp NY, we understand that you may not be certain and we offer a 30-day risk free trial for first-time buyers of one of our products. This coupled with our confidence and the support of thousands of loyal customers, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked unless volunteered, if you weren’t satisfied with your risk free trial.

Read what our customers say about our products: High Falls Hemp Reviews

Reliable, pure, convenient, and made for everyone.


The ideal variety. High Falls Hemp NY selects strains and plant hemp seeds carefully selected just for you.


Planted with love. As our plants mature, we closely monitor their THC/CBD levels


Extracted to perfection. Our farmers extract using C02 and food grade Ethanol


Thoroughly lab tested. Our team processes, packages, and rigorously lab tests each batch

Only the purest ingredients

Hemp-derived isolate phytocannabinoids (aerial parts of the plant). Other ingredients: Hemp seed oil.

Our CBD contains all the best of the hemp plant and nothing else…the way nature intended.

Our CBD Isolate Tinctures are an essential addition to your daily wellness routine. You can take your tincture anywhere and whenever you need. Use before you start your day or as you end your day and head to bed. Extremely convenient, the tincture offers amounts of between 50mg and  100mg per dropper. Suggested use may be, one serving (one dropper) by mouth up to 3 times per day. Everyone is different in their response to CBD. See suggested usage guide here for more information. 


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