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CBD Valentine’s Gift Set

1000mg CBD Relax/Restore Terpene Tincture + 500mg CBD infused lotion + 60mg CBD infused Lip Balm

V-day is upon us!  No need to hunt online for the perfect chocolates, jewelry and flowers. The real secret ingredient for Valentine’s Day is the passion – and that’s where CBD comes in!  Okay, we’ll admit that jewelry doesn’t hurt but CBD surely is better than chocolates or oysters as an aphrodisiac.

High Falls Hemp NY is pleased to offer an exclusive CBD Valentine’s Day gift set that is guaranteed to help you unwind, ignite the cuddling, and enjoy your private time together. What could be sexier than a great restorative and reinvigorating night of sleep after whatever other Valentines Day activities you’ve enjoyed before going to bed… or in bed!

Our pleasure packed gift set includes everything you need to set the mood for an evening of romance with your special someone and allow you to relax and restore too!

The recipe for romance begins with our Relax/Restore Terpene Tincture that will “prime the pumps” and get you both in the mood.  Chase that with CBD-infused body lotion to massage into each other’s body.  Apply some CBD lip balm for the perfect smooth and satisfying  kiss and our work is done…  you’re all set to take it from there.

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Price: $156.00


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Reliable, pure, convenient, and made for everyone.


The ideal variety. High Falls Hemp NY selects strains and plant hemp seeds carefully selected just for you.


Planted with love. As our plants mature, we closely monitor their THC/CBD levels


Extracted to perfection. Our farmers extract using C02 and food grade Ethanol


Thoroughly lab tested. Our team processes, packages, and rigorously lab tests each batch

Only the purest ingredients

Our CBD contains all the best of the hemp plant and nothing else…the way nature intended (THC is 0.3% or less).


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