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The Wellness Benefits of Terpenes

It has long been known that terpenes, which are found in the hemp plant have wellness benefits. However, the study of terpenes and their beneficial effects trace back longer than the recent focus on the hemp or marijuana plant.

Terpenes are derived from various plants, fruits or vegetables and their wellness benefits have been well documented. In fact it’s the Terpenes that produce the fragrance and taste of different plants and fruits.

FUN FACT: Terpenes originally developed in plants as a way to adapt and ward off predators.

For instance, Myrcene which is found in hemp, is also found in the mango fruit and is credited with having a sedative effect as well as being a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Limonene which is also found in citrus fruits, may benefit your metabolism and reduce stress. Pinene is also found in Pine needles and rosemary, and may help clear your sinuses. Linalool in the lavender plant.

It’s been interesting to compare the fragrance of last year’s harvest and this year’s harvest. Limonene was definitely dominant last year, as our fields smelled like lemons, and this year Pinene (known as the fragrance of Pine Trees) stood out.

We are very excited about a new formulation, currently in testing, that combines extra terpenes with our tinctures to produce benefits such as a sedative/relaxant and as a bronchial decongestant. We plan on releasing this formulation in January 2020 as a 1000mg CBD / 30ml (1 ounce) tincture.